Nicoletta Gava

 Nicoletta Gava

I developed my interest in communication and the use of language by studying the findings of the Palo Alto group lead by Watzlawick, systemic thinking, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Erickson’s indirect language, the strategic approach to human problem solving and by adopting a Psycho-Social approach to understand organizational dynamics.

I work with individuals to promote the resolution of psychological and psychosomatic symptoms and to help them build a more satisfying existence. I also provide therapy and counseling to couples and families who wish to improve their degree of well-being or who include suffering members - both children and adults.

I work with athletes who wish to learn hypnotic tools to improve their performance level and to solve emotional issues in order to ease their way to higher goals.

I coach artists through the use of hypnosis in order to promote their technical and creative growth and to overcome creative blocks that may occur in certain phases of their expressive search.

I also provide corporate consulting services to top managers on productivity enhancement, the well-being and mental health of employees and the realization of sustainable, long-term organizational changes that are in accordance with the company’s values and mission. 

I am an expert supervisor in the field of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and hypnotic coaching and coordinate training programs addressed to those who wish to learn such disciplines.

Master’s degree in Psychology, Master’s Degree in Modern Literature - Communication Techniques at the University of Turin.

International NLP Master, I further specialized in Communication and Strategic Problem Solving.

Director of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Turin and of the Ericksonian School of Coaching.

Visiting Professor at the University of Turin, Faculty of Psychology, Master’s Degree Course in Organizational and Work Psychology

Founder of the Nicoletta Gava Hypnosis Center.

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