Hypnosis and Phobias: understanding, facing and overcoming your fears

Hypnosis and Phobias: understanding, facing and overcoming your fears

What is it that you fear the most?

Phobias are exaggerated feelings of fear toward certain objects or situations. We classified more than 300 of them.

Fifteen percent of the population, at least once in their lifetime, will suffer from some kind of phobia. The most common reported phobias are aerophobia (the fear of flying), claustrophobia (the fear of confined spaces) and agoraphobia (fear of being alone in places where escape may be difficult).

Some fears are physiological in children and can be easily resolved with non-invasive techniques.

School can be a strong source of fear and anxiety: it affects 15% percent of children and adolescents. These feelings can compromise academic results and social skills.

Hypnotic and self-hypnotic techniques are effective tools to resolve fears and phobias, even long-standing ones. These methods are especially suitable for children and adolescents.

Our approach in a nutshell

Our approach aims at overcoming the fears that prevent you from achieving your goals.

While improving the management of anxiety and negative emotional reactions, hypnosis can facilitate the understanding of the causes that generated such intense reactions, thus opening the way toward complete recovery.

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