Conflict: hypnotic and organizational management tools

Conflict: hypnotic and organizational management tools

What impact do relational conflicts have on organizations?

Conflicts are often hidden and appear in the form of tiring arguments and quarrels. They can also emerge in the form of passive-aggressive or indirect behaviors.

A conflictual climate can take its toll on work quality and requires the allocation of resources for its resolution. It is estimated that conflicts can lead to the loss of up to 18% of productivity.

Intergenerational conflicts in work environments are an increasingly relevant and delicate matter. Optimal management of generational dialogue can become a strategic factor for success and innovation.

Hypnotic and Self-Hypnotic interventions can be addressed to individuals and groups in order to improve exchange and collaboration.

Such techniques can be used by each person to achieve a more functional distance from conflictual dynamics and promote a more assertive and effective communication.

Our approach in a nutshell

Corporate realities require deep analytic and strategic thinking in order to identify solutions to conflicts. We aim at promoting the employees’ well-being while valuing the company’s needs, values and mission.

Our interventions can highlight the specificity of each organizational context and decode the conflict’s means of expression.

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