Using Relationships as a Professional Tools

Using Relationships as a Professional Tools

What is the true value of relational skills?

The most successful and experienced salesmen know that maintaining a good relationship with the client is more important than finalizing the deal in that precise moment.

Placebo effect works even when you know it is a placebo: it’s a relational phenomenon that can be mastered.

In physical therapy, the relationship between patient, doctors and other operators predicts motivation, adherence to therapy and, ultimately, clinical results.

Hypnosis and self-hypnosis improve the ability to relate with others, to understand their mental states and to set the right emotional distance.

Our approach in a nutshell

A functioning relationship itself is one of the fundamental ingredients that can determine the success of an intervention in both the medical field and in other professional areas. Despite that, relational aspects are often overlooked by training programs or even reduced to mere communication techniques.

First and foremost, improving our relational skills means learning how to use ourselves, our experiences, emotions and values. It requires a significant degree of self-awareness and a fine sensitivity toward the way in which certain events resonate in people’s life. By learning how to read verbal and nonverbal cues - both clear and subtle signs - displayed by others, we can improve our capacity to establish effective and  cooperative relationships.

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