Hypnosis and Sexuality: achieving, nurturing and deepening pleasure

Hypnosis and Sexuality: achieving, nurturing and deepening pleasure

How many of us are truly satisfied with our sex life?

Three in 5 people agree that sexual life is important... Yet, according to recent global surveys, only 44% of them are truly satisfied.

Thirty percent of couples who have been married or cohabiting for more than 15 years have unsatisfying sexual lives.

Data from a US study show that same-sex unmarried couples constitute 10% of all unmarried couples.

Among female homosexual population, the percentage of women not involved in stable relationships ranges between 45% and 80%. Among male homosexual population, it ranges between 40% and 60%.

In 1993, the UN General Assembly recognized the right to experience sexuality to all disabled individuals (affected by both mental and physical disabilities).

More than 50% of women struggle to restore a pleasurable sex life after childbirth.

Our approach in a nutshell

Hypnotic and self-hypnotic techniques strengthen the mind-body connection, facilitating the free expression of sexuality. Respect for each individual or couple is at the basis of Ericksonian philosophy, which unites effectiveness with the sensitivity required to deal with intimate issues.

Our approach aims at the enhancement of pleasure during intercourse, the emergence a deeper sense of intimacy and the regulation of sexual desire in order to build a more satisfying way of making love.

Hypnosis can be used to overcome difficulties that hinder the full enjoyment of sexual experiences (e.g. pain, shyness, rigidity, reduced sexual drive).

Hypnotic techniques are also effective in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions (e.g. impotence, frigidity, premature ejaculation, dyspareunia) even when they are related to traumatic experiences.

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