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Hypnosis for Decision Making: finding the right path

Hypnosis for Decision Making: finding the right path

There are things to consider...

People who become unable to feel emotions because of neurological damage can’t make even the simplest of decisions (ex. if drinking coffee with or without milk).

Many people enact true self-sabotages in order to avoid making a decision.

Quite often “right” choices don’t take desires, attitudes and emotions into consideration.

Insecurity prevents many children and adolescents from choosing what they feel best for themselves.

Our approach in a nutshell

Hypnosis opens the way for a different state of consciousness. Approaching the unconscious mind more directly allows you to uncover new resources, desires and potential.

This kind of work is particularly useful when you feel in a dead end, forced to choose between apparently equivalent alternatives or confused because of a wide array of options.

By engaging with your deeper self, you can come to understand the reasons that you got where you are and figure out how to direct your future choices: would you stand your ground or leave for a new path?

Ericksonian Hypnosis allows for the exploration of your unique personality, emotional profile and relational contexts. Each choice, when taken consciously, can become an opportunity to grow and evolve further.

What about children and adolescents?

Children and adolescents often seek guidance. Sometimes they need help to figure out their call, what their talents are, what interests and stimulates them.

At a younger age, kids are especially skilled at working with their unconscious minds. That is why, when they find themselves in a standstill or when they need to make important decisions, hypnosis can accelerate and facilitate the process.

Parents can assume an important role in supporting the growth of their daughters and sons and, therefore, we often involve them in the intervention.

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