Couples Hypnotherapy: Two Unconscious Minds in Intimate Contact

Couples Hypnotherapy: Two Unconscious Minds in Intimate Contact

Couples Hypnotherapy, why?

When forming a couple, both members enter a complex intimate system that has great transformative potential. Sometimes, relevant individual changes are promoted by the close contact with your partner, in a game of endless reciprocity.

That’s the reason why, when our couple goes through a rough phase, we may have the feeling of an interrupted journey, of being forced in an unfulfilling role, of simultaneously being constrained while constraining our partner.

Other couples’ problems are expressed through the suffering of one member in the form of anxiety, frustration, distance, hopelessness. Such feelings can impact several areas of life: sexuality, intimacy, willingness to spend time together...

Our approach in a nutshell

In such cases a hypnotic approach can restore the couple’s communicative flux. Members can work on their listening and communication skills, unveil the causes of the problem and treat the factors that contributed to its consolidation.

Couples who are separating often need support in transitioning to a new phase of life. Managing conflicts, practical matters (e.g. financial planning, housing, time management...) and children-related issues must be dealt with with care and attention by all parts.

Our Center provides therapeutic strategies that integrate hypnosis and couples therapy in order to promote the evolution of the system and its members.

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