Family Hypnotherapy: your collective unconscious mind

Family Hypnotherapy: your collective unconscious mind

What makes your family so important?

Your life is deeply rooted in the constant weaving and overlapping of your present and past relatives’ histories. Your habits, meanings, choices are a response of your interaction with such complex system.

Sometimes, the issues of the family are expressed by one of its members. In other cases, everyone feels trapped, tied up, excluded, lost...

Our approach in a nutshell

Hypnotic techniques, when integrated with family therapy, facilitate the understanding of the collective suffering, its deep and hidden meanings. By accessing the unconscious mind of the nucleus, therapeutic work can clarify and solve conflicts by untangling bonds, preconceptions and fears. By liberating the inner resources of each member the system can rebalance itself.

Our center provides therapy aimed at integrating personal and family history to promote development and growth. A stable family is a source of strength for its members, a foundation to build upon and a home to come back to.

We keep an open mind on what a family should or should not be. Each one of them can write its own path as it evolved from a unique history, with unique values and unique relationships.

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