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Hypnosis for the Treatment of Addictions

Hypnosis for the Treatment of Addictions

What exactly is addiction?

People suffering from addictions engage in behaviors that have serious consequences for their health and psycho-physical well-being. Form a clinical standpoint, the less the individual is able to exert control over addiction-related behaviors, the more severe the case is considered.

Once the addiction onsets, suspending such behaviors (e.g. substance use, gambling...) can lead to withdrawal symptoms which in turn incentivise relapses. People tend to gradually reduce their usual activities while smoking, drinking, hitting, injecting... replace vital parts of their personal, relational and professional life.

According to the WHO, about 31 million people suffer from some sort of addiction.

Our interventions in a nutshell

Hypnosis can be a valid treatment for addictions as it allows to directly intervene on dysfunctional behaviors and obtain long-term results.

Therapy will take place both during individual sessions, in which patients will work with an expert therapist, and between sessions, by using self-hypnosis in order to improve emotion regulation, craving reduction and to manage physical symptoms usually associated with withdrawal.

Scientific literature investigating the potential of hypnosis in treating addiction is still currently in development and, while the number of publications on the matter is still limited, some authors consider it as a promising method in terms of speed and effectiveness given that patients are treated in accordance with specific guidelines.

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