Hypnosis for Adolescents

Hypnosis for Adolescents

Surfing the crisis to finally blossom

When dealing with adolescence, science itself faces a “crisis”. In an effort to understand the fundamental aspects of this phase, many definitions emerged. While not rigorous as one might wish, the best definition is that of commons sense: an adolescent is a person who is not a child anymore while still not being an adult.

Transformations of the body are clearly visible and happen very quickly. Psychological, emotional, relational and cognitive changes are just as radical.

Many dysfunctional behaviors (ex. substance abuse) or psychopathological conditions (ex. anxiety, depression) appear during this phase of life and have an impact on health and long term personal satisfaction.

An increasing number of adolescents express their suffering through various forms of isolation, such as internet addiction, thus hindering their social and academic development.

Our approach in a nutshell

While dedicating a lot of attention to autonomy and privacy of patients, the our Center carries out interventions aimed at promoting the well being of the whole family by strengthening communication channels.

Our work include parents too. We provide them with specific tools to favour the development of their sons and daughters, to promote balance and independence.

We also created a hypnosis and self-hypnosis training program especially developed for adolescent students. The use of such techniques can improve attention, focus and relational skills.

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