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Hypnotherapy for Children: young unconscious minds

Hypnotherapy for Children: young unconscious minds

Can you speak the language of children?

Children go through several quick changes that require constant adjustment and the development of new emotional and cognitive skills that will pave their way into their future life.

Children are extremely flexible and can rapidly adapt to a wide range of situations. While some adjustments are comfortable and promote further growth, others may be unsustainable or even require an excessively high price.

Somatic complaints such as stomach aches and headaches, insomnia, bedwetting can be ways that children unconsciously use to communicate their suffering to the family, to make it visible, to make it treatable.

Children often use their body to communicate and their language may need an expert’s look to be deciphered.

In other cases the issue can be expressed through intense emotional reactions that can take their toll on school activities, social functioning and cognitive performance.

Our approach in a nutshell

Our Center, by including the whole family in the treatment process, uses the children’s natural talent in reaching trance states to identify and treat those aspects that contributed to the manifestation and consolidation of the problem.

Furthermore, our interventions aim at providing parents with hypnotic tools that can be used to promote the development of their children as well as the balance and autonomy of the whole family.

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